The Swellhouse combines the smartest building technologies with cost-efficient prefabrication methods that are the vanguard of the manufactured housing industry. Championing mass-customization and celebrating individual choice, the Swellhouse distinguishes itself this field.

The signature ‘S’ modular structure recognizes the economy of movement where form follows necessity. Components are assembled in the factory and deployed at the site where independent ‘S’ modules are quickly bolted together. Electrical, plumbing, and information technologies are concealed within the cavities as part of this standardized modular system.

Likening itself to the human skeleton and smart skin, the Swellhouse employs materials for their performance and environmental benefits. The Ecology Sun System glass panels on the first level are a sandwich of sheet glass with acrylic plastic bars and aluminum louvers and the fiber cement board panels on the upper level act as a rain screen and water barrier while allowing natural air to flow between the wall and the cladding.

The Swellhouse engages nature with a permeable skin of sliding panels to form interior courtyards, exterior decks or a double-height open entry vestibule. The plan promotes a simple flow in the activities of everyday life – eating, playing, sleeping, washing, and working.