Portable Construction Training Center (PCTC)

The PCTC was created for the Venice Community Housing Corporation, a non-profit organization founded with the mission to develop and maintain affordable housing for disadvantaged and low-income individuals.

The 14’ x 65’ PCTC is a hands-on classroom used by student trainees to learn and apply construction skills to needed projects. The PCTC allows space for the four basic construction trades: plumbing, painting and plaster, carpentry, and electrical.

The design concept encourages visual connections between apprentice and teacher. The 14’ x 14’ meeting space at the PCTC's threshold exhibits construction example boards, and provides a well-lit location to gather between building sessions. Like a large porch, one entire length of the trailer folds open to reveal interior independent work stations. This creates a catwalk for the teachers and facilitates inspection and interaction.
In this 90 degree position, the operable translucent panels give shade and passively regulates the flow of air. Additionally, the far end of the PCTC folds open to provide a wood shop, where tools can be disengaged to roll outside beyond the parameter of the trailer.

Portable, flexible, and operable, the PCTC is a symbol for alternative construction techniques and provides a place to teach them.