Mobile: The Art of Portable Architecture

Mobile"...the graphics are terrific. And the small size makes Mobile a perfect travel companion-witty and thought provoking. Ideally, the book might pry some architects out of the safe and sure and get them looking at new ways of building." Nan Chase, Arcitectural Record April 2004

"Skylights that move in response to the weather, rock-and-roll stage sets that travel, and shipping containers as stackable living units-these are just some of the portable options... Jennifer Siegal explores in this appropriately compact volume. Dwell December 2002

Mobile: The Art of Portable Architecture explores the ever-growing range of possibilities of portable, demountable, mobile structures. The book presents work by the most interesting contemporary designers of dynamic, active structures, ranging from the microenvironment of a house that literally attaches itself to your body to the city-scaled macroenvironment of London's Millennium Dome, from the interior of a Boeing jet to an entire mobile community whose living units plug into a framework of flexible communal space, and from the practical design of transportable office space to the whimsical design of Pink Floyd's The Wall stage set. Presented in beautiful colorful images, detailed drawings and thoughtful text, all of the designs celebrate the lightness, transience and practicality that mobile architecture makes possible. Mobile: The Art of Portable Architecture includes work by Office of Mobile Design, LOT/EK, Vito Acconci, Doug Jackson/LARGE, MarkFisher, Michael Fox/KDG, FTL Happold, Festo, and Lawrence Scarpa/Pugh + Scarpa. Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2002.

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Mobile: The Art of Portable Architecture
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