What is Ecologic?

I want OMD to be a resource for like-minded individuals who are seeking good green design options and solutions.

The Ecologic space is a resource for new ideas and creative approaches to help envision the future and ensure the longevity of our environment.

Please stay tuned for the flow of ideas.

Be moved.

— Jennifer Siegal

P.S. My thanks to Lorna Turner for her intelligent graphic design and agile eye as seen here.



A brief synopsis on my history and philosophy.

My preoccupation with devising portable structures grew out of my own family’s economic history. My grandfather had a hot dog cart in New York, and two generations later while putting myself through graduate school at SCI-Arc, I did as well. So it was not a leap, but a logical move, when I founded Office of Mobile Design in 1998 as a way to actively engage in designing non-permanently sited structures that move across and rest lightly upon the land.

My work seeks to rethink and reestablish methods of building that contrast with the generic clutter that increasingly crowds the landscape. Inspired by Sant' Elia's Futurist manifesto, I share in his philosophy that "we no longer believe in the monumental, the heavy and static, and have enriched our sensibilities with a taste for lightness, transience and practicality.”

This desire for the "active, mobile, and everywhere dynamic" that characterized the Italian Futuristic machine aesthetic, infuses our work at OMD. (Represented in the rock climber whose dynamic form responds to the static rock face. The ‘smooth’ vs. the ‘striated’ as described by Deleuze and Guattari in Nomadolgy: The War Machine).

While a buildings purpose remains constant — providing shelter from the natural elements and community among its inhabitants — mobile and portable structures herald the dawn of the age of New Nomadism. The applications and uses are limitless; these buildings have no borders. Diversity of material palette, design style, and transportation method are varied.



Mobile design then can be defined not merely in terms of movable structures, but rather as a way of intelligently inhabiting a specific environment at a specific time and place in a way that better reacts to increasingly frequent social and environmental shifts. These fuvial forms are expressed best in the extreme sports world. Where surfers meld with breaking surfaces (the sea as form giver) and skateboarders intuitively work off the urban infrastructure.

The information age whets our appetite for the exploration of the unknown. As inquisitive social beings and innate explorers of the universe, we are standing at a new threshold of curiosity and movement. More than idea-sharing over vast distances, we are poised to physically actualize these explorations. Biological and technological advancements reveal themselves in our everyday lives, echoing prophecies and environmental visions from American pulp science fiction. Mobile design today rolls, flows, inflates, breathes, expands, multiplies, and contracts, finally hoisting itself up, as Archigram predicted at the end of the 1960’s, to go in search of its next user.

From solo cycling to community housing, I see opportunities for sustainable design ventures that can be employed here and now. OMD is in synch with the growing grassroots, do-it-yourself movement among designers across the country impatient for change, looking for ways to inject the personal into the social.

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