Dwell magazine, one last thing Nov/Dec 2018

“For 20 years, Los Angeles designer and professor Jennifer Siegal has been pushing the limits of modular housing through her firm OMD, most recently with a series of prefab accessory dwelling units just released this fall.”

Our prefabADU® can be established on properties where there is an existing or proposed primary single-family residence. We provide homeowners with rental income and additional space for family members or caregivers. Each of our three turn-key models includes kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and laundry. Built in California, our smart homes meet the highest national energy efficiency standards.

Our designs are inspired by the Shakers who believed in quality, integrity and reliability.


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Bryan Henson, President and CEO of bevyhouse

Prefab Manufacturer and Site Work Partner:

Bevyhouse believes that high quality housing should be accessible to everyone.  Their vision is to make designing and building a home easier than it has ever been before by reimagining how dwellings are designed and constructed.   Bryan Henson heads up Bevyhouse and is a nationally recognized leader in the custom residential world.  He grew his former company, Allen Construction, to one of the top five remodeling companies in the US. Bryan is passionate about sustainable, healthy homes and has been a guest speaker for Dwell magazine, has taught masters level courses on sustainable design, and has personally overseen multiple LEED platinum and passive house certified projects.

Takuhiro Shinomoto, Co-Owner of Tortoise

Premium Kitchen Design Partner:

Following 13 years as an in-house furniture designer for Idée in Tokyo, Japan, Taku Shinomoto moved to the US in 2003 with his wife Keiko and opened tortoise in Venice, California. Tortoise has dedicated itself to introducing timeless Japanese home goods with a story and exhibiting works by contemporary Japanese artists, guided by the store's basic philosophy of a slow and stead life. Taku is most well known for his work as designer of the Hasami Porcelain Series, which now has worldwide circulation.


Jennifer Siegal is known for her work in creating the mobile home of the 21st century. She is founder and principal of the Los Angeles-based Office of Mobile Design (OMD), which is dedicated to the design and construction of ecologically sound, dynamic structures, utilizing portable and prefabricated architecture. Founded in 1998, OMD is distinguished as the leader in the field with award winning prefab projects and a commitment to sustainable design. The international arcVision Prize- Women and Architecture recipient, Siegal was unanimously chosen by the jury for being “a fearless pioneer in the research and development of prefabricated construction systems.”

1. Six modules-3000 sf custom residence composed of 2 pairs of stacked ISO shipping containers and 2 grain trailers sheltered under a 50 ft steel and glass roof membrane

2. One module-720 sf prefabricated modular Showroom

3. One module-960 sf prefabricated modular house

4. One module-200 sf ‘drop frame’ moving trailer addition to existing 1920’s California bungalow

5. Four modules-3280 sf prefabricated modular house

6. Three modules-1850 sf prefabricated modular and site-built addition to existing single-family bungalow